Tillett T8 1/4 Padded Seat

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Tillett T8 1/4 Padded Seat
The T8 is the most popular seat made by Tillett Racing Seats. The T8 has a 63º seat angle and is more rounded at the back and bottom for better comfort. The T8 was the first kart seat ever made using RTM. This system makes a strong fiberglass molding with a uniform quality and thickness. In addition to these benefits, the two smooth sides of the T8 keep a clean, professional image throughout the life of the seat.
The T8 is offered in Standard Rigidity. Standard is the most common and is best for low grip / slippery tracks. A Soft Seat is usually only used in very high grip situations where there is a lot of rubber on the track.
The Tillett T8 kart seat provides excellent comfort and depth. The shape of the T8 is very similar to that of the T7. The only differences between them are that the top of the T8 is slightly smaller and the bottom slightly bigger

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