Swedetech Vortex ROK Shift Lever Extension

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The SwedeTech designed and tested Vortex Rok Shifter Arm Extension is must have for the fine tuned driver. The vortex shift arm extension was designed to minimize the "notchy" feel of the shifter gearbox mechanism.
The Vortex Rok Shifter Arm Extension is adjustable for 2 positions, to be adjusted to match the linkage of your shifter kart chassis. The extension bolts directly to the Vortex supplied shift arm.
Eliminate the feel of the false neutral and shift with confidence. The easiest couple of tenths to find in shifter racing is hitting your proper shift points.
Also a huge benefit is the added clearance this extension provides. Many chassis seat struts interfere with the shifting mechanism with the Vortex Rok Engine. Being able to move the shift linkage helps with clearance.
A secondary benefit is more clearance for your cooling hose or radiator line on the lower nipple of the Vortex Rok Shifter engine.
Vortex Shift Arm Extension is made from machined steel and zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
Hardware is included in the kit, so you can quickly install the extension.
Shifter arm is not included  Just Shift lever Extension!

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