Pump Around Carburetor System Conversion on your Carb Only Or With Pumps

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 We take your Keihin PWM or PWK 38mm or mikuni carburetor and convert it into a "pump-around," for reliability and repeatable performance. To achieve this, the floats and needle seat are removed and a tube and restricter are inserted.Two fuel pumps are utilized . One pump is used exclusively to pump fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor, while a 2nd pump is used to remove excessive fuel and return it to the tank. This system Price includes twin fuel pumps with pulse plate,Pump Around Fuel Pump System . We start with 2 round Mikuni fuel pumps modified with a machined Aluminum Black anodized plate to screw them back to back with the pulse line fitting in it to service both pumps that is cross drilled to drain back oil residue. Pumps can be rotated in any position. Unlike other Pump Systems if our pump setup is mounted with the pulse line pointed down & above the pulse fitting on the engine oil build up is never a problem it drains back in to the engine. Our plates & systems are all built in house unlike some of the other systems on the karting market. That are sent for outside sourcing. All pumps & pump around systems come with instructions & Mounting Spacers & hardware. conversion of customer carburetor. 2 day turn around for conversion .

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