Iame KZ Screamer 4 125 cc

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Iame KZ Screamer 4

Product Description

The Screamer 4 is the brand new engine model launched in 2023 to compete in the challenging KZ/KZ2 gearbox classes.


Technical Data:

Class:                                     KZ/KZ2

Design:                                 Single cylinder – 2 stroke

Displacement:                   124.59cc

Bore:                                     Ø  54.00 mm

Max. Bore:                          Ø  54.08 mm

Stroke:                                 54.40 mm

Inlet System:                      Reed valve

Lubrication:                        Oil mixture

Ignition System: Analogical

Transmission:                     6 Speed

Cooling System:                Water cooled

Starter:                                 Push start

Carb. Model:                      Dell’Orto VHSH30CS

Max. Power:                      N.D.

Max. Torque:                     N.D.

Max. Rpm Limit:                No limiter


Main Features:

 Dual part cylinder head assembly - Nikasil cylinder - Reed group housed in crankcase - 4 reed petals group - Water cooled crankcase, cylinder and head - Primary pair with straight rectified toothing - Multi-plate dry clutch with shock absorber - Clutch thrust plate with thrust bearing - Homologated 6 speed gearbox - Gears on roller cages - Feed lubrication on primary shaft - Lightened selector drum - Shifty forks with case hardened and tempered shoes - Lightened primary gear - CNC reed group conveyor - Main roller bearings - Factory combustion chamber and piston - Resin conveyor - Factory exhaust manifold - Factory carburettor setup



Homologated Ø 58mm rotor electronic analogic ignition - H.T. coil with damping spacers - NGK BR 10 EG spark plug - Spark plug cap - Dell’Orto VHSH30CS carb. - Carburettor manifold - Mikuni fuel pump with support plate - Z17  sprocket - Exhaust manifold with fixing springs - Homologated exhaust muffler/tail pipe - Magnesium engine mount

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