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The constant development by the engineering team has led to the launch of this electronic paddle shifter for go kart dedicated to all those who are looking for a reliable, efficient and low-maintenance product, that allows a physical decreasing of 40% (KZ class) in favor of precision and performance on the lap, bringing the driving closer to a race car.

The Lab Sport electronic shifter consists of a paddles system with magnetic retaining hinges, the actuator as a result of years of testing on the race track, the plug &play wiring, and the ECU fully programmable through our blue tooth APP "the lab motorsport" available for iOS and Android on stores. 

Complete this kit a fixing system that allows mounting on all types of chassis, a high-performance lipo battery and a dedicated charger.

The kit include all you need for a properly assembly: complete The Lab Sport kit, LiPo charger, Race battery, Fixing kit

Main features:

  •  Settable Cut-Off function (it allows to shift up the gear without release the throttle)
  •  Settable Neutral gear finder system (to simplify the neutral gear finding)
  •  Waterproof system (remember to cover the cooling hole of actuator for rain condition)
  •  Full metal gearbox
  •  Maintenance free
  •  ECU programmable using our APP and blue tooth connection
  •  Paddles made in ALLUTEX
  •  Use in FIA KZ class
  •  Download manual
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