RLV TC4 Honda CR80 / 85 Exhaust Pipe


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RLV TC4 Honda CR80 / 85 Pipe Only


Rlv 80cc / 85 shifter pipes are designer for the experiencer driver tuner currently these are the only triple convergent pipes available anywhere and are the only available from Sharkshifter . They offer smooth low end acceleration with massive mid range & top end , as well as great back side power. these pipes are designed to be used with RLV 3" X 12" silencer. pipe has 7/8 OD stinger available in pipe only or pipe & silencer kit form. 7/8 OD stinger offered With a straight stinger
Regarding port timing etc. see your engine builder for specifics on their package.

TC-4 Use with open ignition and restricted head cc's, or with
re-programed stock ignitions and restricted head cc's. Or stock set up

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