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The Ribtect 4 is About Safety and Comfort
Robby Mott has spent over 15 years bringing revolutionary products to enhance kart racers personal safety. From the first karting rib vest to chest plates, Ribtect has even developed a seat that is comfortable and most importantly safe for kart racers of all ages. Based out of Victoria, Texas, Mott and his team continue to take karting safety to another level. Heading into 2014, Mott and Ribtect are ready to unveil their latest and greatest creation, the Ribtect4.

The Ribtect 4 Vest Features Many Improvements over the Ribtect 3
The new Ribtect4 rib protector boasts an improved outer panel that will last longer while providing improved protection. The material has higher impact strength and has been manufactured in the USA with better consistency. The new and high tech material that the panels are constructed of have already proved superior to their Ribtect predecessors through many 'hammer' tests. On-track testing has proven that the Ribtect4 will be the best and most long lasting Ribtect vest that Mott and his team have ever produced.

The inspiration is always to constantly improve the Ribtect vest to offer the best value and rib protection to our customers. I feel the Ribtect 4 will do just that, offering long lasting protection and value to the racer."
- Robby Mott, Ribtect Owner and Founder

All of this, and the Ribtect 4 contains all of the features that made the Ribtect 3 great, including:
Thinner design for more comfort
Custom tailored using stress-relieved polypropylene modules
Cordura vest with adjustable chest and shoulder straps
New improved materials and stronger buckles
Better Shock Absorbing Foam

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