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  The Ultra  High Precision  HiPreMa 4X  digital tire pressure gauge for measuring the tire pressures of cars and motorcycles. It has a high accuracy of 0.1% across the entire pressure range of 0-5 BAR/72 PSI. Not only can it accurately measure and store tire pressure, but it also records the date, time, and ambient temperature. This gauge is engineered for the racing world, where proper tire pressure is essential for tire performance.

HiPreMa 4X: the next-gen digital tire pressure gauge

Adjust and measure tire pressure with a range of 5 BAR / 72 PSI with high accuracy of 0.1% over the full scale.

Store cold and hot tires pressure with HiPreMa 4X

Easily view all tire pressure values on the display of your new digital tire pressure gauge. Quickly check how your tires are performing and assess your chassis balance.


The HiPreMa 4X digital tire pressure gauge requires no calibration. Its internal microprocessor automatically performs the necessary procedure to provide a reliable measure of 100% every time it is turned on.

Backlight display larger than before

The backlit display shows Time – Air temperature – Battery level and Pressure value.

The HiPreMa 4X tire pressure gauge has two functional modes: you can use it as a simple digital tire pressure gauge or, by pressing the MEM button, you can save the COLD and HOT tire pressures.”

Normal mode

Allows pressures to be measured and adjusted without saving them.

Memory mode

The HiPreMa 4X digital tire pressure gauge has a feature where you can press the MEM button to save COLD and HOT tire pressures in sequence. For each session, you can save not only the pressures, but also the date and time, air temperature, and the difference between COLD and HOT tire pressures.

The gauge has a memory capacity of up to 50 sessions. This feature allows you to evaluate the balance of the vehicle by comparing the COLD and HOT pressures difference.

Pressure Range: 0-5 BAR/72 PSI
In stock – Ships within 24 hours
Product Part number: HPM 4X

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