Power Valve Plug Kit For 2000 thru 2003 Honda CR125 Shifter Kart

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2001 & 2002 CR125 Shifter Kart  Power Valve Plug Kit, 01 Kit includes the stuffers, locating pin, and pin dowel.

The 2001 Honda CR125 power valve plugs are cast to fit into the power valve cavity in the 2000 thru CR125 cylinder. They were designed to maintain port contours and provide smooth transitions to the top and sides of the duct. Because of casting variations in the cylinders some adjustment of the plugs with a rotary file will be required to achieve the desired fit and exhaust duct shape. Once the final plug shape and fit are achieved, filler plugs are pressed into power valve shaft bearing holes. Then power valve plugs are epoxy’ed in place. When the epoxy has cured, the power valve plugs are drilled to install the dowel pin that locks them in place. It is recommended that these plugs be installed by professional engine tuners or advanced amateurs that have the skill and the proper equipment to achieve satisfactory results. You will need Devcon Alum Puddy Epoxy, 1/8" and #30 drill bits and prefer a drill press.

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