Piston kit 90 to 99 Honda spec stock CR 125 with Gaskets

HondaSKU: Piston kit 1A

Sale price$119.95


99 honda cr125 spec stock piston kit includes

1x 13110-KZ4-506 Honda CR125 spec stock 1999 Piston
1x 13121-KZ4-A91 Honda CR125 spec stock 1999-2002
1x 91103-KZ4-B01 Honda CR125 spec stock Piston Pin Bearing 1999
1x 13111-KV3-000 Honda CR125 spec stock 1990-2002
2x CW-15 Wiseco piston clips for 1999 honda cr125
1x 12191-KZ4-J00 Honda CR125 1999 Cylinder Base Gasket
1x 12251-KZ4-701 Honda CR125 1999 Cylinder Head Gasket

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