Odenthal Euro EZ Set LO206 Mount

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The Odenthal 8 Degree slider motor mount is the most rigid 4 cycle motor mount on the market. It is highly recommended by Briggs & Stratton, The rigid design limits motor mount flex thus keeping your clutch to rear sprocket aligned. A mis-alignment translates to lost power. The slider mount also offers ease of chain tension adjustment. The new 4 cycle designed mount accommodates running the chain inboard or between the clutch and motor (normally chain is outside of the clutch). The Odenthal 4-cycle mount has gone through many revisions over the years and the latest version is a streamlined design. They have added many more mounting holes which allows more offset, the ability to run the clutch inboard, and a bit lighter. Its sleek design and black anodize finish allow it to look good on any chassis.

The Euro style option allows for the chassis to be fully cradled on both frame rails and the Euro clamps are designed to be dished in the middle to prevent them from being struck by curbing and ripped off the kart. The standard bas option of 92mm is the most popular and universal Crg is 90mm but if you have a 30x92mm or 30x90mm chassis we highly recommend going with the Euro style option. Other sizes in the Euro will be available in the future.,

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