New-Line Radiator w/ Mount & Cap - DOUBLE-MAX, Dual-Pass (17x11.4")

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The double-pass configuration, combined with the newly designed MAX radiator core, which allows for an increased flow of water and, therefore, an increased heat exchange, are the main features of the DOUBLE MAX radiator. The fins are also new, arranged according to a new layout with respect to the standard core. The inlet of the top tank has been redesigned to direct the water homogeneously across the radiator, allowing optimal use of all the surface area available. Both the inlet of the top tank and the outlet of the bottom tank benefit from a new curved shape.
From the outside, the presented cross-section of the DOUBLE MAX is identical to that of the BIG MAX: 29 cm in width by 43 cm in height. The main difference compared to the more traditional Big Max lies in the revolutionary double-pass configuration. Basically, the DOUBLE MAX radiator is divided into two sections, thanks to a baffle welded inside both the top and bottom tanks: this way, the water, flowing in from the top, goes through only the most inner half of the radiator core (the one closest to the driver). From there, it flows down through the first half of the tuubes for a first temperature drop. Once at the bottom, the water is redirected upwards to the second half of the top tank through an external welded aluminium tube only to flow across the most external portion of the radiator core for a second cooling cycle. The coolant, eventually, is pushed towards the engine by the work of the water pump.
The internal configuration of the radiator, split into two sections, made it necessary to fit it with a pressure-relief hole, located in the upper left part when looking at the radiator from the front, for an easier venting. A further optimization of air flows is guaranteed by installation of a rear deflector as standard, which is able to deflect hot air from the rear tire and favor its outflow from the rear the radiator. In case of extreme weather conditions, the Double MAX radiator can be used together with the Supplementary  model.

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