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MyChron5S is the latest version of the game changer datalogger, precisely designed for kart racing. The AIM technicians worked many years at designing this latest timer. They have made GPS technology useful and reliable in the motorsport industry. With this new gauge they were able to incorporate the GPS Module into the logger itself. Checkout all the MyChron 5 features below. Revolutionize your kart racing experience with MYCHRON 5S 2T GPS LAPTIMER. Designed by the expert AIM technicians with years of experience in the industry, this state-of-the-art datalogger includes a built-in GPS Module for precise and reliable data tracking. Keep up with the competition and stay ahead with the innovative features of MYCHRON 5S.

4 Differences between the MyChron 5 and MyChron 5S:The GPS frequency has improved from 10 to 25 Hz and the precision accuracy has improved from about 5 feet to 2 (1.5 m to 45 cm in approximately)
  • Redesigned Wi-Fi Module: a new firmware is under test for improving the baud rate. The data download will be 5 times faster.
  • More powerful processor. Two times faster than the MyChron5 one and with much more memory.
  • Different inertial platform: at 9 axes. This will help in the development of many useful math channels
Two Temperatures under your control

Especially engineered for the most demanding racers, MyChron5S 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one.
MyChron 5S 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from:
Two thermocouples: to keep carburation under control
Two thermoresistors: to measure the engines working temperature
One thermocouple and one thermoresistor: to monitor the key parameters of your engine

Integrated GPS
Aim has developed a large track database in order to automatically locate which track you're at and how many magnetic strips it has. Without any further configuration or input you will get lap times, predictive lap times, and split times. GPS Data, acquired 10 times per second, are recorded with other signals in the internal data logger. This allows further analysis of your performance by viewing data like position, speed, cornering rate, cornering in-line, and lateral G.
Robust housing with wider display

A glass fiber reinforced Nylon body along with metal buttons and anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate display guarantee MyChron5S top resistance to shocks and adverse weather conditions.The anti-scratch non-reflecting poly carbonate screen and the wider display insure great readability.
Completely Configurable Pages
Define as many pages as you wish, showing graphic bars or just digits, via software or directly on your system.
Calculated Gear Number
In case your kart is a shift kart, you can decide to show the gear number, automatically calculated in a few hundredths of meters while you are driving.
Ambient Light Sensor
MyChron5 provides optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions: the display brightness is automatically adjusted according to the environment light.
Wide Display-Multi Color Back Light
More data requires more space for viewing it. MyChron5 features a wide high resolution display with a fully configurable back light.
Rechargeable Lithium Battery

No problems with traditional batteries anymore: MyChron5 is powered by a dedicated rechargeable and removable lithium battery. It is long-lasting (about 10 hours duration) and easy to recharge, placed on its magnetic base connected to the power adapter. The usual external power connection is also available.

Shiftlights and Alarm LED's
Five RGB shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED color and RPM threshold values which will turn them on/off. They also allow RPM monitoring in a glance. Even alarms are managed in a very flexible way: you choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behavior (blinking frequency and color) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off.

Analyze Data

Race Studio 3 ~ The best tool to understand how to go faster!
At the end of each session, your data can be downloaded and analyzed in depth on your PC with Race Studio 3 software: charts, graphs and histograms will help you to understand your performance, finding out what needs to be improved.

WIFI Connection
Download your data to your PC, look at the OnLine measures, upgrade your firmware, transmit parameters using the well known DataKey or through fast WiFi connection.
In the Box
  • MyChron 5S with GPS working at 25 Hz
  • A choice of Water, Under Plug CHT, or EGT temp sensor
  • Temperature Patch Cable
  • RPM Cable
  • Battery
  • Battery charger

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