Yamaha YZ125 GoKart Motor Mount Adjustable 1997 to 2004

sharkshifterSKU: SS_MM YZ125-01

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The Sharkshifter Adjustable YZ125 Engine mount 97 to 2004 features.

* CNC'D Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Engine mount
* Chassis clamps designed for 1 bolt per clamp
* Adjust the engine from left to right for proper clearance approximately 6mm to the left and 12mm right from center More adjustment then any other mount
*Engine Mount sits the rear of the engine up to 1" lower most other mounts
- Hardware securing engine to the mount is the proper sizes to match the yamaha Cases 10mm front case bolt 12 mm rear case bolt with proper thru case Machined Alum Spacers
* Proper machining from front to back, engine will not be twisted when mounted to a straight frame.
* Proper radius on frame contact point
* Left side of rear engine mount machined to allow for chassis cross tubing weld clearance. You will not find a better motor mount
*With the Sharkshifter factory pricing of $265.00

This is only a reference, for some chassis below. Contact your chassis Supplier for proper frame rail sizes.

CRG- GP- DR- Zanardi-Maranello - 32/90
Birels - 32/92 or 30/92
TonyKart, Kosmic, OTK Chassis Line - 30/92 or 32/92
Intreped 30/92 or 32/92 Arrow 30/92 or 32/92

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