LeCont Red SVB Local Option Tire

LeContSKU: LeCont SVB Red Option Tire 4.5 X 2

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The new (Red) SVB LO Option tires are the homologated hard compound tires from LeCont. Built to last over 250 km while offering incredible stability and consistency, the LeCont reds are ideal for low horse power karts such as cadets, LO206 and junior categories.

LeCont karting tires do not have a real direction of rotation, because the tread, thanks to a very innovative and specific production technology, is not cut and glued as almost all the products of competition, but it is manufactured in one single peace. This gives to LeCont tires a unique characteristic on the safety side: in no way, in fact, LeCont tires will delaminate because of the treat ungluing.

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