IAME X30 125cc TAG Engine Package

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Product Description

The X30 has been designed with the specific aim to provide Karting drivers with an innovative yet faithful to tradition engine. The IAME X30 offers modern features, such as the electric starter, the balancer shaft and the water cooling, yet preserving traditional Karting engines aspects, such as the diaphragm carburettor and no power valve. The result is an engine that offers a pure Karting driving experience, combined with ease of use and low maintenance. The IAME X30 is a modern take on a traditional Karting engine, offering an optimal balance between innovation and tradition. Advanced features like the electric starter, balancer shaft, and water cooling provide convenience and efficiency, while maintaining fundamental Karting engine components like the diaphragm carburettor and no power valve. This results in an engine that delivers an authentic Karting driving experience, with minimal upkeep requirements.
Available in standard or junior restricted configuration.
Technical Specifications

Engine Type: single cylinder 2 stroke
Bore: Ø 54.00 mm
Max Bore: Ø 54.28 mm
Stroke: 54.00 mm
Displacement: 123.67cc (125cc max)
Carb. Model: Tillotson HW-27A
Inlet System: reed valve
Lubrication: oil mixture 4%
Ignition System: digital with battery charger
Transmission: dry centrifugal clutch
Cooling System: water cooled
Starting: on-board electric starter
Max Power: 28 Hp (21 Hp ) at 11.750 Rpm
Max Torque: 17 Nm (13Nm) at 10.750 Rpm
Max RPM Limit: 16.000 Rpm (Rpm limiter)

Engine Package Includes

Selettra digital K ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging
H.T. coil and vibration dampers
NGK BR9EG sparkplug and resistive spark plug cap
Centrifugal dry clutch group with Z11 detachable sprocket
Tillotson HW-27A Carburetor
Intake silencer with foam air fi lter
Flexible hose with silicon sheath and springs
Exhaust silencer and exhaust header mod. X30
Starter motor external support
X30 electronic box C model - 16.000 RPM
Cables harness with connectors
SSR starter relay
Starter key assembly
Battery support
Velcro strap and dampening rubber pads
Water pump assembly, water pump support, water pump transmission pulley
Water radiator with support
Water hoses and clamps
Thermostat 50°

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