Honda GXH50 Kid Kart Motor

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Honda GXH50 Kid Kart Motor

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This motor was developed by Honda to provide a low cost, reliable engine package for beginning kid karters to utilize.
The Honda GX50 engine is factory sealed HPD Performance and will provide young competitors with a super reliable package with no special tuning allowed other than carburetor jetting. Available in engine only $579.00 Or Complete
Engine Kit $869.00 Option Includes: Clutch, throttle linkage hardware, motor mount adapter plate, and chain guard.
The Kid Kart class is typically ran between the ages of 5 to 8.

  • Engine Type: Production based 4-cycle single cylinder
  • Displacement: 49cc (2.99 cubic inches)
  • Valvetrain: Single camshaft, push rod two valves per cylinder
  • Crankshaft: Steel alloy two main bearings
  • Pistons: Forged aluminum alloy
  • Connecting Rods: Forged alloy steel
  • Ignition System: Transistorized magneto
  • Lubrication: Splash
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Transmission: N/A
  • Fuel: 91 octane unleaded
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)


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