Exhaust Sleeve

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Exhaust Sleeve
Exhaust sleeve is designed to protect and shield the exhaust flex and exhaust tubing from the hazards of high heat and the mess of dripping fuel/oil residue. Made of knitted hi-temp fiberglass yarns on a flexible base which is coated with high grade silicone rubber, the Exhaust sleeve protects continuoulsy to 500°F and will withstand momentary temperatures much higher to over 2200°F.
Exhaust sleeve is easy to install by simply slipping the Exhaust sleeve over the flex or exhaust tubing and securing with tie wrap. The exhaust sleeve insulates so well that the nylon tie wrap will survive in this hot environment.

Available in a 2 inch (TAG, leopard) inside diameters. Sold in 3", 6", or 1 Ft. lengths.

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