EVS R4 Black Race Collar


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The R4 is a lightweight, form fitting race collar offering protection against neck and collarbone injuries. The low profile design makes it a comfortable yet protective piece of gear you can wear on the track.

Providing unmatched functional neck support, the R4 race collar was designed to help minimize the risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion. With an easy front entry system and soft rubberized edges for increased comfort, the R4 is a winning product. It provides an amazing range of motion of the head, has adjustable sizing and is very comfortable and lightweight. The adult model weighs in at 635 grams and the youth weighs a mere 386 grams.

The R4 is available in two different sizes (Youth/Adult). Graphics Kits are offered separately for more color options.

The R4 race collar has been accepted into the karting world by both the WKA (World Karting Association) and IKF (International Karting Federation). After witnessing successful use of the RC EVOLUTION race collar in karting, it was a natural progression to introduce and offer the all-new R4 as well. EVS is proud to offer top notch and affordable safety for karting enthusiasts.

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