EOS TYPHOON Chassis 30mm OK & KZ versions available

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Available in OK and KZ versions



EOS Kart presents, for the single-speed, shifter and DD2 categories, the new flagship chassis of its range: the Typhoon. Apex of the evolution of the work of the OTK Kart Group R&D department, the new Typhoon presents itself with some interesting innovations

Continuous development


Typhoon, the new flagship chassis of EOS Kart, is the pinnacle of innovation and experience gained in the sector by OTK Kart Group and lives up to the corporate mission "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% Made in OTK - Italy ”at the base of all OTK products. The rigorous control of the entire design and production chain, thanks also to the use of automated processes that guarantee extremely high quality standards, has always been the distinctive element of the Italian company.

Fairings kit M10


For years now, the R&D department of OTK Kart Group has been a pioneer in the aerodynamic research and development of its karts through wind tunnel analysis and computerized CFD simulation. This incessant research activity has led, over time, to the launch of revolutionary solutions in the field of fairings such as the M7 front spoiler, with an innovative design and capable of decreasing aerodynamic drag, with a consequent increase in performance. This model, made today with blue plastic, is now complemented by the new M10 kit for the Typhoon. This consists of the new side fairings with a lighter weight and reduced dimensions, all to the advantage of the performance and heat dissipation of the rear tires. But not only,

BSD caliper


The BSD braking system has been confirmed for the new Typhoon, in its single-speed version, which has significantly contributed to achieving excellent results in the most prestigious races in the world: just think that the braking system signed by OTK Kart Group has equipped both karts that have won the 2021 world titles in the senior and junior single-speed classes. The rear brake caliper, forged in one piece, is equipped with a stroke recovery system and is characterized by two Ø 34.5 mm pistons. This is combined with a two-piston master cylinder and a PTFE-coated steel mesh hose kit. Caliper and brake pump are made of Aluminum  a material that stands out.

Driving position


Driving comfort is essential for every driver's performance. This aspect plays a central role in the entire development project carried out by OTK Kart Group for the Typhoon which offers several innovations, aimed at refining even the smallest details. To underline, in fact, is the provision of a footrest that allows a greater excursion in terms of adjustment and, moreover, of new seat supports. Solutions that are added to the already well-known HGS steering wheel, equipped with rubber grips with high grip and comfort, and to the inclined hub, for a fully ergonomic driving position.

BSS and BSZ brakes


OTK Kart Group produces according to well-defined standards: use of selected materials of the highest quality and processing of the same by means of automated machines and processes that ensure the full reproducibility of each component, always guaranteeing the highest quality parameters. These principles are more fundamental than ever when it comes to braking systems intended for shifter categories, classes in which braking capacity plays a primary role in terms of performance. Typhoon proposes a new system for the shifting classes called BSZ, equipped with brake pumps with larger diameter pistons that make braking even more modular. For the DD2 version, however, the reference system remains only the BSS, equipped with monobloc calipers, front with 4 Ø 22 mm pistons and rear with two Ø 34 pistons,

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