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EOS Rookie 2023
For the first homologation of the Mini CIK-FIA international class, EOS presents the new 2023 Mini Rookie chassis, renewed in the materials, in the geometry of the body and equipped with the new M8 fairings and the BSM5 brake system

2023 is the year of the first homologation dedicated to the new Mini CIK – FIA international class . A historic occasion to which EOS presents itself with a new chassis, the result of an intense year of work carried out by the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group , committed to testing and developing the material on the main competition fields, both in Italy and abroad, with various tire models.
Asynergy that has allowed us to collect many results over the years and which, once again, has led to the presentation to the public of a product that is the best possible compromise to guarantee top performance and, at the same time, great ease of driving and of tuning of the medium.
The body of our new Mini Rookie presents technical changes resulting from the adaptation to the new regulation for mini karts. The novelties concern both the materials used and the geometries , but also some components . Among the most visible is the new system ofadjustable footrest , useful for adapting the driver's seat to the different heights of the pilots in this category.
Alongside this novelty, a new pedal fastening system is also introduced , which allows you to quickly mount a rear- mounted pedal set , linked directly to the pedal supports welded to the body, to the advantage of rigidity and safety. As with our upper class chassis, the adjustable lower seat supports are also used for the Mini to make it easier to mount in different positions. At an ergonomic level, the new frame is equipped with the

inclined steering wheel hub , in addition to the steering wheel , already in use, specially developed for the little hands of 60 Mini drivers.
The braking system is the BSM5 model , already extensively tested and proven to be at the top for efficiency and performance. Equipped with automatic recovery of the pedal travel, the brake uses a self - ventilated 160 mm diameter disc and is characterized by the ergal pump with oil reservoir and brake hoses covered in flexible aeronautical steel mesh .
Finally, to complete the new package, and to characterize the kart's aesthetics, there is the M8 fairing kit , developed in the wind tunnel and already tested with excellent results on higher category karts: the new high-quality front aerodynamic efficiency and the new front spoiler , higher than in the past, can undoubtedly make the difference in the performances, often so close together, that characterize this category.

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