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The new MINI KID is nothing more than a scaled-down version of the karts of the upper classes.
The MINI KID has been designed to best suit the needs and size of children between 7 and 9 years old . This kart is a highly performing vehicle that allows high performance, but at the same time guarantees extreme safety of the driver.
The MINI KID is a frame with a 900 mm wheelbase equipped with an adjustable pedalbased on the heights of the young drivers and a sliding seat that allows adjustments of the driving position according to different heights. Both devices allow to adapt the kart to the child, as he grows, also guaranteeing a considerable driving comfort.
The kart in tubes with a diameter of 28 mm is enriched by another series of important details such as the hydraulic braking system, designed specifically for this vehicle, and the steel daisy brake disc. In addition, the MINI KID is equipped with AXPQ aluminum rims, a 30 mm diameter perforated axle and a specific size Alcantara steering wheel .
Even the aesthetic aspect is not neglected by OTK, in fact the kart is equipped with a rear plastic bumper and fairings with dedicated racing stickers kit.

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