EOS EMK Chassis 32mm OK & KZ Version

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Available in OK and KZ versions

The evolution presented for the EMK model reaches peaks of evolutionary refinement never achieved before.
From a technical point of view, the EMK has unchanged body geometries and are made with Ø 32mm Molybdenum Chrome tubes.
Interesting technical innovations concern the components, evolved and developed thanks to the Research and Development department of the OTK Kart Group.
The EMK comes with a package of interesting innovations, in particular as regards the components, such as the new HGS “hi grip” steering wheel with inclined hub, the integral floor and the new M7 door spoiler, standard.
The braking system that will equip the single-gear models is the BSD .
Another strong point lies in the aerodynamic development achieved with a careful study, carried out by the technicians of the Research and Development Department of the OTK Kart Group. The pinnacle of this work came with the number M7 door spoiler , whose shapes are characterized by a unique design, which clearly denotes the use of revolutionary solutions for karting.
The M7 spoiler was designed parallel to the "integral" floor,a particular type of platform whose configuration completely seals the front area of the tubes, significantly improving the aerodynamic performance, especially on tracks characterized by high top speeds. The 360 ° work of the OTK Kart Group R&D department has also brought innovations to components such as the steering wheel, giving birth to the HSG project .
This special steering wheel has a high grip handle thanks to the use of a special rubber; materials and shapes are combined in such a way as to improve the effectiveness of the grip during the demanding competition phases. The new steering wheel is combined with the inclined hub that allows further adjustment and allows a better driving position.
Regarding thecategories with gearbox , on the EMK model the braking system is the BSS, characterized by monobloc front calipers with 4 Ø 22 mm pistons.

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