Deluxe Karting Hardware Kit

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This kit includes metric hardware used on most karts.

High quality Zink Plated 10.9 Grade 6mm and 8mm miscellaneous nuts, bolts, washers, and nylocks.

-1 Plastic Container
-8 M6x20 Sockethead
-8 M6x30 Sockethead
-8 M6x40 Sockethead
-8 M6x20 Flathead
-8 M6x25 Flathead
-8 M6x30 Flathead
-6 M8x30 Flathead
-6 M8x40 Flathead
-4 M8x60 Flathead
-4 M8x70 Flathead (seat mounting)
-4 M8x80 Flathead (seat mounting)
-20 M6 Washers
-20 M8 Washers
-20 M6 Nylock Nuts
-20 M8 Nylock Nuts
-4 M14 Nylock Nuts (spindle)
-6 1/2" Retaining Rings (spindle)
-6 8mm Axle Set Screws
-10 20x6mm Rubber Washer (floor tray)
-10 18x6mm Black Aluminum Conical Washer (floor tray,steering wheel, etc.)
-10 30x8mm Black Plastic Conical Washer (seat mounting)
-12 Cotter Pins

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