CRG Road Rebel KZ Chassis

CRGSKU: CRG.20055-01

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Chassis: Road Rebel KZ Premiere Iron

The legendary premiere chassis that keeps improving with time. To be used in any shifter application. For 2022 CRG has made a few changes to this model. The wheel base is 5mm longer. Updated rotors and brake pads for less bite during break in. And a few design items like a grey fuel tank and Latest New 507 Bodywork & latest 508 Fairing all new decal kit.
  • Welded lower shifter boss and removable upper shifter boss allowing for smoother shifting
  • New bearing cassette allows for wheelbase adjustment. 8mm forward or backward.
  • Floor Tray Decal Kit
  • Adjustable Feet Support Comp. Gold
Standard Features:
  • 32mm frame 3 rail
  • Wheel Base: 1.050
  • Rear Width: 650mm
  • Front Width: 735mm
  • Axle: 50mm
  • Rear Bearings: 3
  • Brakes: VEN11 self-adjusting brake system
  • Vented Cast Iron Brake Rotors
  • Floating Rotors
  • Braided brake lines
  • Grey Quick release fuel tank 8,5 lt.
  • Sniper Infinite Adjustable castor/camber
  • 5" 130/210 Magnesium wheels w/beadlocks
  • Front and rear ride height adjustable
  • Fiberglass Resin Seat
  • New aerodynamic KG  507 Bodywork & 508 Fairings, so that for The 2022 season there will be a lot of technical innovations. .
  • KG Rear Plastic Bumper
  • Aluminum  Pedals
Special Design Features:
  • Magnesium Bearing Cassettes and Wheel Hubs
  • Black anodized floor tray and axle Laser etched CRG logo on components
  • Flat top, carbon look, embroidered steering wheel
  • Sliding front wheel hubs
  • Factory CRG decal kit

Optional Accessories

  • Front and Rear Torsion Bars
  • Duralcan Brakes (Ceramic)
Motor Application:

Honda CR125, ICC, Rok, KZ, Shifter Engines
Note: Engine, Tires, and accessories are sold separately. Image is for illustration purposes only.

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