Odenthal EZ Set Euro Mount

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 Odenthal EZ Set Euro Mount

EZ Set line of two-piece adjustable motors mounts. The Euro mount is equipped with a base plate. The Euro mount uses the same top plates as the EZ-SET mount and has the same sliding capabilities. The base plate is designed to be paired with Euro clamps so that it can fully cradle the chassis.

Features Include:
  • Precise and easy chain adjustments
  • Isolates chassis flex from the motor case
  • Quick and easy motor swaps
  • Base clamps to frame rails, upper mount locks and bolts to base.
Odenthal motor mounts are designed to exacting standards for proper fit and performance. All mounts are CNC machined from high-quality billet aluminum and anodized black.
EZ Set motor mounts have a dual bolt pattern. Fits IAME, Rotax, Comer, HPV, PCR, ROK, Vortex Engine Product Line - Rok GP, Rok VLR, Rok Mini, Rok TT and more. Comes with base plate, upper mount, and 4 motor mounting bolts. Can be ordered with Clamps.
These Odenthal EZ Set Euro Mount plates comes in 3 styles: O Degree, 5 Degree, and 10 Degree
Note: 10 Degree is recommended for Rotax , 5 degree is recommended for all others. This is just a recommendation, for instance some people will use the 10 degree on an IAME to get more chain guard clearance, but this will effect your exhaust mounting angle.

This mount is currently only offered for chassis that have a 30/90mm tube measurement or 30/92mm tube measurement.

To determine what size clamp a particular chassis needs, please measure with a caliper using this procedure: First, measure frame rail diameter, then measure total distance outside to outside where the motor will go and subtract the rail diameter from this number. (Example: 122-30=92mm center to center).

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