AF Go Kart Radiator H1 Standard Double By Pass


Sale price$550.00


The H1 Standard go kart radiator is the newest addition to AF Radiator. Specifically designed for the racing sector, it takes advantage of the bi-flow technology already introduced on our flagship model R-UNO. Also available in H2 Large version.

Thanks to the innovative Bi-flow system with superior internal U-shaped recirculation, we are now able to guarantee you a super performing product at an affordable price, excellent in every aspect and able to leave behind all the problems of overheating of your engine in the periods of greatest thermal stress thanks also to the generous size of the radiant mass in this oversized version (large) perfect for the hottest periods of the year.

Dimensions 435X242x48 mm, weight 1.94 kg.

The H1 Standard radiator is available in 3 color variants with CNC machined aluminum cap and supports, red, blue or silver. Also available are matching shades in red, black or blue.

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