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ThreeBond 1342 low strength thread locking compound.

This is the ideal retaining compound for small nuts and bolts. Fasteners are held securely but can be easily removed when necessary.

ThreeBond gives this a number 4 rating for exposure to engine oil making it a good choice for internal fasteners as well as external fasteners.

10ml bottle.

ThreeBond 1360 Medium Strength High Temp Threadlocker

TB1360 is an anaerobic reactive adhesive / sealant which cures spontaneously when sealed off from contact with the air between close fitting metallic surfaces. It has been specially developed for locking and sealing threaded parts and fittings with medium strength when cured, for studs, bolts and bearings particularly where disassembly may be required using hand tools. Activator TB3095C should be used to ensure adequate curing in the case of inert substrates or where the bond gap is excessive.


  • Medium strength.
  • For studs, bolts and bearings requiring removal by hand tools.
  • Eliminates mechanical locking parts such as spring or toothed washers, nylon nuts etc.
  • Reduces required fastening on torque.
  • Completely seals against oil, water and most chemicals.
  • Excellent vibration resistance.


  • Colour: Red
  • Viscosity: 1,100 mPa.s
  • Effective Temperature Range: -40C ~ +180C
  • Fixture time: < 20 mins
  • Break loose torque: 29 Nm (M10 steel bolt)
  • Prevailing torque: 20 Nm (M10 steel bolt)
  • Retaining Strength (Steel): 23 MPa
  • Max thread size or clearance: M20

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