MyChron 4 data key


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MyChron4 Data Key The MyChron4 Data Key provides an easy way to download data from your MyChron4 without needing a laptop. Keep your laptop safe in the trailer and use the data key to download each session as you come off the track. Its compact size and shape makes it easy to keep in your pocket or toolbox. The data key easily stores hundreds of runs, making it easy to collect data all weekend before transferring, or from all your team members as they come off the track. The USB connection makes it easy to transfer the collected data to your PC. Non-volatile flash memory stores your data without batteries and keeps it safe despite the shocks and vibrations of the track. The data key also makes it easy to transfer firmware updates to your MyChron4. The MyChron4 Data Key is comes with a cd-rom containing our Race Studio analysis software. Suggested retail price is $89. Sign up for the AiM Sports email newsletter for product updates!For More information please try the webpage link below.

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