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The Turbo-Tire Changer is a game-changing tool that streamlines the process of changing 6" kart tires. By integrating a bead breaker and mounting fixture into one efficient machine, this innovative tool allows you to get your kart back on the track in no time. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple pieces of equipment and experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency with the Turbo-Tire Changer. Don't waste time or effort - make the smart choice with this must-have tool for every kart racer.



  • Dual bead breaking process so there is no wasted time due to flipping the wheel over.
  • The wheel is securely held to allow efficient mounting and demounting.
  • Ball bearing thrust bearing is used for efficient force transfer. It only requires ~7ft./lbs. of torque to break the beads.
  • Two mounting levers means that less force is required to mount the tire.
  • When a power tool is used (cordless drill, air ratchet, etc.), although it is not required, bead breaking is extremely fast.
  • The machine is compact which makes it very portable. It is PERFECT to bring to the track.
  • The size, speed, and ease of use allow multiple tire changes during a race day. You can now flip the tires to the best edge between sessions!
  • All steel components are made out of heat treated chrome-moly steel.
  • All aluminum components are made out of a high strength heat treated alloy.
  • The design and materials yield a very durable and long lasting machine.
  • Low friction strip on the lever to prevent marring of the wheel and lever.

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