Hegar 4 Kart Road Race Center Fairing

Hegar 4 ProductsSKU: H4 RRF-01

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If your looking to improve the aerodynamics of your Formula 125 or 80cc shifter than the Hegar aero center fairing is for you. Increased acceleration and overall top mile per hour are just a few of the basic advantages of this center fairing. Designed around larger, taller drivers we intend to even the playing field by creating a cleaner kart that flows better than the standard karting equipment already available. 14"+ Wide x 28" Long, while using the Hegar fairing mounting kit (see item below) you can set your width to whatever you like. Comes in Carbon fiber black or gel coat black fiberglass but can also be special ordered in red, yellow or blue carbon weave. Please call to confirm custom colors are in stock.Over sized box is required for shipping

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