Go Kart Pentagonal Radiator

AFSKU: AF2-Pentagonale

Sale price$576.00


The AF2 Pentagonal go kart radiator with the refinement in design, & Aero dynamic improvements equipped with a larger tank design

Entirely in polished aluminum, the AF2 model guarantees high performance thanks to the 3-stage horizontal flow that allows the water to remain inside the radiator for much longer and obtain efficiency & excellent performance.

The AF2 Pentagonal model is also equipped with attachments and supports for Easy installation. equipped with bleed screw for topping up. The inlet and outlet of the water have been placed diagonally to improve its efficiency. The cap of this line is still made of plastic, 

The excellent value for money and the ability to be used for all categories, both single and non-single gear, makes it ideal for those who do not intend to spend large sums and still make use of an excellent product.

RADIATOR MEASURES: 300 x 440 x 60 mm

Gold Aluminum Support Included

WEIGHT: 3.0 kg

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