Go Kart Large Gold Radiator Curtain

AFSKU: af Lg cu

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The radiator curtains are necessary to divide the flow of air on the radiator thus optimally managing the water temperature.

The curtains are finished by CNC machinery in all details to improve sliding and thus guarantee the best functionality of the product.

On the sides, the two 5.5 cm slots allow the radiator to be used in different climatic conditions.

It is possible to cover or uncover the radiant mass according to the pilot's needs.

To the structure of the curtains are added two supports whose measures have been calculated to have the maximum stability.

The curtains also take into account the position of the water outlet pipe.

The lower part of the supports has been sanctioned to prevent dangerous friction.

The pulleys on which the blackout system slides have the same radius, thus keeping the curtain tightly stretched, making it always adhere to the lower rod.

The rod in which the plastic rings slide to adjust the height of the curtain is designed to avoid the annoying problem of folding the curtain.

With the AF Radiator curtains it is much easier for the driver to manage the radiator cover during the race

dimensions 380 × 292 × 110 cm

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