EM-Tech Go Kart Aluminum Radiator - 17x11.5"x1.5"

EMSKU: EM 02 Sup

Sale price$590.00


The EM-02  Go Kart model is the largest radiator in the EM-Technology range. With a size of 290X435X40 mm. It’s perfect for the KZ categories, in which cooling is crucial during the summer. With the radiator core recessed into the structure, the EM-02 radiator uses the outer edge to convey more air towards the radiator core, improving cooling. The edge created by the structure also prevents the radiator core from being damaged when the curtain is raised or lowered.
Another solution introduced to improve cooling are the new top and bottom tanks, featuring an angled shape design to increase the surface exposed to air and also improve the flow characteristics of the water entering and leaving the radiator. Furthermore, the outlet fitting is tilted upwards to allow the silicone hose not to rub against the curbs or the track. Its position is studied to further improve the flow of water. The EM-02 radiator is equipped with a deflector as standard.


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