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If there is a tyre for classic scooters, it has to be the CONTINENTAL LB. Generations of scooter riders have turned to this classic tyre.


The CONTINENTAL LB has been an integral part of the scooter scene since the 1950s. Leading German manufacturers have used the CONTINENTAL LB as original equipment on their scooters. we appreciate this milestone in tyre development.

  • Current technology meets tradition
  • Also available as white wall tyre
  • Great visuals for classic scooters

When Continental combined the sipe tread with the block tread in the Conti LB in the 1950s, the German manufacturer could not have imagined that with this tyre, it had succeeded in creating an evergreen. Riders of classic scooters don’t just appreciate the visuals of the white wall version, but also drive with the spirit of the time with the modernised tread compound. On the Conti LB, tradition and style meet with contemporary developments. 


Conclusion: The Conti LB not only looks stylish and nostalgic, it also combines classic visuals with current technology.

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