50MM X 80MM Premium Kart Axle Bearing

Righetti RidolfiSKU: K2062

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This Go Kart Premium Bearing Fits 50mm Axles , 35mm Heigth Overall, 18mm Wide Bearing surface, 80mm Outside Diameter, Compatible with the OTK line of Karts tonykart  kosmic FA Eos exprit red kart LN Kart as well as Most CRG Kart Line and Most Karts Expertly designed and carefully crafted, this 50MM X 80MM Premium Axle Bearing is compatible with most top-of-the-line go karts . With its 35mm width and 18mm bearing width, this high-quality product is perfect for enhancing your kart's performance and ensuring a smooth ride .

50x80mm Axle Bearing

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