2000-2001 Honda CR 125 Stock Moto Top End Kit

HondaSKU: 01 top end Kit

Sale price$1,461.00


2001 Honda CR125 Stock Moto Prepped Cylinder from Sharkshifter Racing includes

  • 2001 Honda CR125 Cylinder
  • 2001 Honda CR125 Cylinder Head & 2 Head Dowel Pins
  • 2001 Honda CR125 Exhuast Manifold-Gasket-Studs &Nuts
  • 2001 Honda CR125 Piston-Ring-Bearing-Piston Pin & Clips
  • 2001 Honda CR125 Head & Base Gaskets
  • 5 installed head studs - Honda # 90011-KZ4-700
  • 5 Clyinder head nuts-4 Cylinder Base Nuts
  • Power valve stuffers - Precision installed and matched to each cylinder
  • Sharkshifter side power valve cover plate
  • Cylinder Nut Base Spot Faced
  • Cyinder is Precision Diamond Honed for proper clearance and straightness
  • Skusa-IKF-WKA Legal

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