2000-02 Honda CR 125 Engine Spec Shifter Kart Rebuild Kit 1 Complete

HondaSKU: CR Kit 1A

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2000 to 2002 Cr 125 Oem Honda Kart Engine Rebuild Kit Complete. This Kit Has Every Thing Needed To Rebuild Your engine. Kit Includes Honda Oem CR125 Crank Shaft Assembly Complete Oem. We Race Prep The Crank Shaft/ Slip Fit Bearing Surface & Straighting on the Crank Bench. 2 Crank Bearings & 2 Crank seals. Output Shaft Seal / Both Water Pump Seals / Shift Shaft Seal / All 4 Transmission Bearings / Complete piston kit / Oem Honda Complete Gasket Kit / Clutch Lock Tab
QTY Part#
* 2000 to 2002 Cr125 Kart Engine Rebuild kit #1
*1 Crank shaft assembly 13300-KZ4-B00 Race Preped
*1 Gasket Kit Complete 06111-KZ4-505
*1 Piston 13110-KZ4-A90
*1 Piston Ring 13121-KZ4-A91
*1 Piston Pin 13111-KV3-000
*1 Pin Bearing 91103-KZ4-B01
*2 Piston Clip CW-15
*2 Crank Bearing 91002-KY4-901
*1 Trans Bearing 91001-KZ4-J11
*1 Trans Bearing 91001-KZ3-711
*1 Trans Bearing 91004-KZ4-A11
*1 Trans Bearing 96100-6003000
*1 Clutch Basket Lock Washer 90445-KAE-000
*1 Clutch Shaft Seal 91206-VA3-J02
*1 Water Pump Seal 91201-965-000
*1 Water Pump Seal 91211-KA3-761
*1 Shift Shaft Seal 91203-KK3-830
*1 Output Shaft Seal 91201-KS6-004
*1 Crank Seal L/H 91205-166-004
*1 Crank Seal R/H 91203-KS6-004
*9 Cylinder head & Cylinder base flang nut 8mm 94050-08000

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